Welcome to the new MK Quilts video training website. It is using an online service provided by Yondo.com. They have a series of tools that will allow MK to focus on her training and helping others.

This site will allow you to schedule live training and give you access to recorded video sessions. If you are paying for LIVE training sessions, you will continue to be given access to download your session. (Participant's names will be stripped from recorded sessions if they are later reposted for sale. If you do not want to be part of a session that is later posted for viewing, please let MK know when booking.)

Video are rented for a long period of time and can be viewed online using most devices from PCs/Macs, tablets/iPads, and phones. The recommended browser on all platforms is the Chrome browser.


We are now offering to ship you copies of your rented videos to you on a 32G USB stick. (They are much too large to download at this time.) This option is for current and past purchases. To purchase the USB option, click this link.

Please utilize the HELP content on the MKQuilts.com website for further assistance.