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This play list contains the top 5 videos in my line up. These are the 5 that I always recommend to newbies. And these 5 videos contain the bulk of my instruction. Rent and get familiar with these 5 first. Then branch out into some of the mini classes.
Thanks for your business. MK :)
Best Practices for Pantos PS Premium w/MK
In this session, we cover MK's way of using Simulation to pre-set and work with Pantographs (aka: e2e designs).
We cover presetting pantos and then stitching them at your quilt, working through offset pantos with wrapping, and finish up with setting up our pantos so that we can stitch them from edge to edge in both directions.

UPDATED with new contact for the second time on 12/2017. Free to existing renters. If you rent today, you get all updates to this video for the next three years. Jump to 2 hours and 35 minutes - or there about - to see the appended content. (Audio was also enhanced.

  • Panto - E2E Class Handout PSP USING SAVED AREA.pdf

  • Panto Cropping Tutorial

Layout & Rendering #1 PS Premium w/MK
In this "recorded live" session of Layout and Rendering #1, you will learn the basics of setting up an inside fit panto and easy offset border treatments.
This is the "starter course" for those interested in The MK Way of using PS Simulation to set up and lay out quilts before you step up to the machine to quilt.
Enjoy this session and remember to share what you create with Simulation on the PS Sim Style Facebook page.
  • Easy Offset Border Handout

  • Borders Straight and Offset Handout

  • Ideal, Inside-Fit Panto-Handout

    These are just a few examples of pantos that work well for inside fit application. They don't require offsetting, wrapping or cropping. Choose your panto carefully when doing inside fit.

  • Easy Offset Borders TUTORIAL PSP

Layout & Rendering #2 PS Premium w/MK
In this "recorded live" session of Layout and Rendering #2, you will review the MK Way of chunking borders, mixed layout techniques (i.e., block to block layouts) and the more complex border treatments known as L-Shaped, corner-connected borders.
This more "intermediate to advanced course" is for those ready to expand on what you learned in Layout & Rendering #1 and who are ready to take their PS skills to the next level.
I hope you enjoy this session and remember to share what you create with Simulation on the PS Sim Style Facebook page.
  • Layout No. 1 Chunking Handout

  • Layout No 1-Elementary Chunking PSP

    This tutorial covers the elementary way, I call it pre-chunking, of figuring out your chunks before you proceed to the quilt to stitch. In a later tutorial, I will show you my go-to and preferred method of chunking using Simulation to build the border and a combination of New Start and End Points and Cropping to accomplishing Chunking On The Fly.

  • Mixed Techniques Layout handout includes row to row.pdf

  • Mixed-Techniques-Layout-Examples.pdf

  • 10 inch block.hqf

Chunking the MK Way - PS Premium


Walk through the chunking process with MK starting from the basics. First, A very elementary explanation of chunking and details about how to pre-chunk you borders with some simple math. Continue into using simulation to plan and chunk borders and finally, MK's latest way of chunking called chunking on the fly.
This video is intended to be a follow up to Layout and Rendering #1 / PS STANDARD.
In that LO1 video, you get all the basics of chunking including marking, placing and stitching. The instruction is from within Standard, but it's all the same base instruction, you just apply it now to Premium. In this follow up, Chunking, video, MK progresses to the most current way in which she's chunking in her studio using PS PREMIUM.
No handouts or tutorials on this. Recommend you purchase and watch LO #1 then progress with this video for the full gamut of chunking instruction with MK.

Happy Chunking

Line Drawing Webinar Recording
MK uses line drawings built to resemble the Quilt she was working on to help with planning and layout.
She originally used line drawings just as a teaching tool.

The Line Drawing Webinar ran past 90 minutes and had rave reviews. Many light bulbs came on.

  • Line-Drawing-Examples-Webinar-04-10-2018-MKS-VERSION-WITH-NOTES.pdf

  • Webinar Simple

    Non-licensed simple shapes