Chunking the MK Way - PS Premium

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Author: Melissa MK



Walk through the chunking process with MK starting from the basics. First, A very elementary explanation of chunking and details about how to pre-chunk you borders with some simple math. Continue into using simulation to plan and chunk borders and finally, MK's latest way of chunking called chunking on the fly.
This video is intended to be a follow up to Layout and Rendering #1 / PS STANDARD.
In that LO1 video, you get all the basics of chunking including marking, placing and stitching. The instruction is from within Standard, but it's all the same base instruction, you just apply it now to Premium. In this follow up, Chunking, video, MK progresses to the most current way in which she's chunking in her studio using PS PREMIUM.
No handouts or tutorials on this. Recommend you purchase and watch LO #1 then progress with this video for the full gamut of chunking instruction with MK.

Happy Chunking