Digital E2E for Newbies

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This video was developed for the owner brand new to Pro-Stitcher.

What do most newbies start with? Yep. Digital Edge to Edge (E2E) stitching.

In this video we start with the basics. I show you how to step up to your system and set up a design to match the size of your loaded quilt. You'll learn about evaluating the design, resizing it if necessary, how to set area and repeat the pattern into that area. I cover some saving tips and probably most importantly, the focus in the stitching part of this class is how to get your self positioned after each advance of the quilt.

This quilt is loaded with other tips and techniques; ones that I use in my own studio every day. I hope you enjoy this class. And keep watching. This is just the first in a series on E2E.

Happy Quilting

MK :)

File Attachments

Time Stamps

This file breaks the video down into segments with corresponding time stamps. Watch the video in it's entirety. Then if you want to go back and review specific sections, use this file as a guide.

Time StampContent.pdf

Setting up E2E For Newbies - Written Guide

This file contains a very brief, outline style format, of the content contained in the video. After viewing the video and practicing with it's content, eventually you should be able to use only this guide and then eventually, you'll have it committed to memory.

Setting up E2E for newbies.pdf