Layout & Rendering #1 PS Premium w/MK

Rental Price: $48.00 / 1100 days

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Author: Melissa Kruschwitz

In this "recorded live" session of Layout and Rendering #1, you will learn the basics of setting up an inside fit panto and easy offset border treatments.
This is the "starter course" for those interested in The MK Way of using PS Simulation to set up and lay out quilts before you step up to the machine to quilt.
Enjoy this session and remember to share what you create with Simulation on the PS Sim Style Facebook page.

File Attachments

Easy Offset Border Handout

Border Class square and offset easy corner connectors PAGE 1 ONLY.pdf

Borders Straight and Offset Handout

borders straight and offset handout.pdf

Ideal, Inside-Fit Panto-Handout

These are just a few examples of pantos that work well for inside fit application. They don't require offsetting, wrapping or cropping. Choose your panto carefully when doing inside fit.

Inside Fit Ideal-Panto-Handout.pdf

Easy Offset Borders TUTORIAL PSP

Border Class square and offset easy corner connectors TUTORIAL PSP.pdf